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We create smart and easy parenting solutions, innovative long lasting products and experiences that aids child’s development.

Our Journey so far

Bellefi is not just an organization; it’s a family to unite experts and find out ways for easy and smart parenting. Not every parent has the time to stretch and meet experts of different kinds on parenting. So, two mothers from the humble small town of Ranchi, decided to take a leap of faith to spread their large pool of experience of parenting and collaborate with specialists for the greater good.

In the year 2020, when there was a huge transformation going around and the whole world was seeing a paradigm shift with the adoption of digital ways of working, these two, without any iota of self-doubt and experience in digital, decided to create a platform for child’s innovative products, solutions, and experiences for easy and smart parenting.

Sounds crazy right? But their beliefs are crazier and stronger as they aspire to share their 30 years of parenting experience with all concerned parents by focussing on child’s developmental quotient for proper achievement of milestones

We at Bellefi Innovations believe that: “When you were born, I was also born” Becoming a father or a mother is accompanied by the birth of a whole new set of responsibilities and challenges and therefore taking the right decision at the right time is what matters to become the best parent.

We wish to create moments that matter for each and every parent and will be cherished throughout

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